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Canyons Expert

Selected canyons

Niveau 4 / Canyoning expert


Linking stunning rappelings in polished limestone tubes by the erosion of water and an impressive finish overlooking the confluence with the Maglia that it connects. Finally a vertical canyon, one of the finest of the Alpes French South located in the Roya valley near Nice, great rappelings (max 60m), often dry, and water down the Maglia make a major canyon .


The Peira valley is the big race of the French Riviera, a succession of large vertical to get accustomed with the large vertical and rope maneuvers, in a wild landscape of great beauty, unfortunately often in flow.


Bendola in 2 days, one of the longest canyon in Europe (15 km long, over 30 waterfalls, starting at over 2000 m and vertical drop of 1,400 m), and the Vallon de Peira and large vertical ... simply outstanding!
Canyoning enthusiasts can play to their heart: wild journey, committed several rappellings exceeding 60m long swimming parties, and especially emotions and souvenirs guaranteed!

Courmes Waterfall

Dare to abseil 65m in a sublime setting and link up with the Gorges du Loup.


Duration: 1 day
Rappellings: max. 60m
Price / pers.: 70 €


Duration: 1 day
Rappellings: max. 60m
Price / pers.: 90 €


Duration: 2 days
Rappellings: max. 60m
Price / pers.: 150 € / day (2 days)

Group: max. 4 people

Courmes Waterfall

Price: 90 €
These programs are obviously designed for experienced canyonistes with a taste turned out for adventure and who have excellent physical condition.